Top 10 Features For Your Logistics Management Software To Get Revenues

The items that will be unloaded first should be packed last, and vice versa, the items that will be delivered to the last point on the route are packed first. Moreover, the risk of the goods being damaged is dramatically reduced. We have discussed workflow optimization, but how does it actually work?

What are the features of logistics software

Our platform comes in two sizes – Express gives you core delivery management features, and TransVirtual adds automated invoicing, integrations, fleet management, reporting and more. There are dozens of options when it comes to logistics management software. Here is our list of the best logistics management software for SMBs.

Supply chain management

Food Logistics and sister publication Supply & Demand Chain Executive are also home to L.I.N.K. and L.I.N.K. Educate podcast channels, L.I.N.K. Live, SCN Summit, and more. 15.3) This software enables them to make regular stock appraisals. It also provides data on inventory forecasting so businesses are informed as soon as stocks run low or run out. 4.4) Its fleet management system collects historical data of transportation systems. It can also monitor driver behavior, the efficiency of fuel utilization and other vehicle-specific metrics.

That’s why it’s important to have shipping and logistics software that offers insurance as part of its package. By choosing software that includes coverage, you can rest assured that your items will be protected in case of damage or loss. Shipping software typically requires frequent updates and upgrades, as well as general maintenance. As a technologically enabled system, the software must be able to keep up with the latest logistics and shipping services. A brief look into reviews and past performance data of any concerned shipping/logistics/courier software will give you an idea of how they work. The software must be implemented in your system, your system must be onboarded with theirs.

Some features are made more effective when customized to your business needs. Certain shipping software only offers a limited range of features which could hamper your overall business growth. 15.4) In addition to inventory management, WeSupplyLabs also provides a platform for viewing all orders across multiple logistics partners on a single platform.

The use of such tools helps the company to terminate the purchasing of too much raw material and reduce storage requirements which automatically reduces the cost. When we talk about logistics management app, we talk about a driver app, and an admin or shipper app. And it must reduce the manual entries done by every individual driver. So a feature that automatically sends you the driver’s log module, it eases your as well as your driver’s pain. Logistics management software has come a long way in the past decade.

They enable organizations to maximize the utilization of their existing facilities and resources, reducing the cost and complexity of storing, tracking, and moving inventory. Some software packages even allow businesses to order specific quantities of inventory. Have our business experts on the phone to understand your company’s operations and guide you through a demo customized to your business industry. The important thing here, in my opinion, is the idea that barcoding helps create a digital twin. Put another way, software needs to turn real-world events and items into ones and zeroes in order to enlist the power of big data, AI, and machine learning.

What are the features of logistics software

The logistics software also needs to have some customer-facing features, like communicating the ETA of deliveries. There are various reasons why you must adopt logistics software. To begin with, this software offers minute control over your existing operations. A logistics management system can be easily set up, and the learning curve is also smoother.

Accounting and Billing Features

It is almost impossible to pay enough attention to every employee, work with his mistakes, give sufficient feedback. Implementing these CMMS features can improve the reliability of your equipment by 35% to 50%. The pluggable vehicle drivers of OpenTCS implements the communication protocols and a graphical frontend that helps in making and visualizing the logical models of areas the vehicles are moving in. First, let’s discuss the challenges in the logistics industry. With a logistics system, no load slips are misplaced or missing. The load data doesn’t need to be “deciphered.” It’s accurate and captured into your system where it can be used to generate invoices automatically.

For a more detailed overview of the required steps for the implementation of ipolog software please click on your current project setup. Move materials in the rack planogram by simply using drag & drop. By skillfully placing materials you can simplify the process for employees. Getting clean data from which companies can draw actionable insight.

The centralized storage of data will give quick access to information and promote efficient data synchronization. Here are the top three industries that can benefit most from logistics software. Keeping track of every detail of your supply chain can be challenging. Each step in the process relies on the accurate completion of the last. Luckily, logistics management software tracks the entire process and allows you to keep every package and parcel moving in the right direction.

Data collection

The process of automation helps in working more effectively and more efficiently. We have seen that there are many challenges in the logistics industry. Businesses can cope up with these challenges by making use of the logistic software that can meet their logistic and supply chain demands efficiently. This award honors top software and technology providers that ensure a safe, efficient and reliable global cold food and beverage supply chain. There’s a handful of solutions out there that use your drivers’ own smartphones for tracking. And communications are simplified through a mobile app chat feature that keeps all messages organized and accessible, keeping everyone on the same page at the same time.

What are the features of logistics software

A logistics management system can completely replace manual methods without much difficulty. ShipStationis a shipping software that operates all across Europe, North America, and Australia. This shipping software gives eCommerce businesses access to a multitude of different order and delivery-related services to improve overall efficiency. They try to meet the needs of small to large businesses, include a lot of features and are slightly customizable. Ready logistics systems usually attract with monthly or yearly subscription and relatively low price. Some companies offer free trials or free plans for small businesses.

And unlike a picture of a paper BOL, digitized documents are the original version. We appreciate the time you took to provide valuable feedback. Along with that, logistics and transportation software solutions keeping track of returns is also one of the important tasks since returns play a major role in getting a perfect picture of the stock count and revenue.

Driver GPS Tracking

As a direct effect of supply chain disruption, companies have increased their investment in inventory management systems to get accurate numbers and increase restocking accuracy. The main goal of the inventory management system is to ping you to reorder parts or products running low to ensure fully stocked shelves. Therefore, you can contact them to get a full-price quote for your requirement. They will offer a transparent breakdown of their services and set up the charges accordingly. So, you will be getting two management software features for the price of one.

  • ‘Jungleworks Entrepreneur’s Den’ to get access to the latest industry & product insights.
  • The branch realized that implementing the latest inventions can have a positive financial impact.
  • Ipolog software enables the fast and efficient calculation of material flows in your company.
  • On the other, there are solutions that promise more than they can deliver and don’t give you the integrated tools you need to improve last mile performance.
  • ParcelPerformis an ecommerce shipping and courier software that enables ecommerce businesses to speed up their delivery process by various shipping processes.
  • Inventory tracking offers greater control over your inventory and helps you plan for purchases in the future.

4.2)These services include international delivery, express delivery and customs documentation. 3.1) Distribution of orders is made easier using FreightPop as it is integrated with 300+ shipping companies. 2.5) It reaches out to customers with issue-specific queries and actively works to convert such orders into successful deliveries, thereby reducing RTOs. Paying close attention to data security is a risk management strategy, which could prevent huge financial losses and damage your reputation. In addition, training of new and existing employees is an important factor to maintain productivity and quality. But, again, they take a lot of time and are sometimes not really efficient.

What is logistics software?

6.2) An automated system is used to send customers email notifications when orders have been picked up from the origin warehouse and when they have been delivered. 3.2)Through this partnership, negotiable rates are provided to e-commerce businesses for shipping. This type of security will protect your company from data leaks, which could result in your clients being lured by the competitors offering lower prices, more attractive offers, or something else.

It’s Time To Boost Your Business Bottom Line

Efficient supply chain management contributes immensely to the success of any business. The logistics delivery management software must manage the flow of the goods and services, right from the manufacturing unit to the end-users. It controls how well are the goods transformed from raw materials into final products and links the production, shipment and distribution of a product. Founded in 2014, California-based logistics company Loginext works to provide secure and automated logistics services through its state-of-the-art logistics management software. It offers end-to-end logistics and shipping solutions through a comprehensive dashboard.

You may enhance processes by analyzing them and making them more efficient and effective. You should also link your software to all of the services you use. According to the Nielsen Norman Group, 85% of all problems on your site can be detected by just 5 users. You can create an effective design for your users if you first understand their goals, needs, and desires.


Fortunately, logistics software can be helpful in this area as well. All the company’s contractors now have access to a single module, where the company posts its orders for delivery. Every contractor has an opportunity to offer a price for a particular route. The system automatically selects the most profitable bid and arranges the loading.

2.6) ClickPost offers integrations with 120+ logistics companies in India and across the globe, like FedEx, DHL, and Blue Dart. 2.3)Customers are also provided real-time tracking updates via notifications through different channels . 2.2)ClickPostmakes use of both push and pull APIs to provide to-the-minute tracking updates to customers via a customizable and brandable tracking page. For example, drivers only receive a detailed route with the destinations where the truck will be unloaded, but they don’t have access to the price or information about the products.

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